Who'd You Pick up at SXSW?

South By Southwest is one of the select few festivals where industry and acquisitions types show up to do business, namely the business of buying films. Sundance Channel got into the action this year by acquiring the North American broadcast rights to the controversial documentary 638 WAYS TO KILL CASTRO [www.638waystokillcastro.com]. Magnolia Pictures also swooped in for the kill acquiring [www.variety.com]Craig Zobel’s documentary feature GREAT WORLD OF SOUND. The film originally premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival [festival.sundance.org].

Also, THINKFilm [www.thinkfilmcompany.com] snatched up the worldwide rights to FUCK, a documentary by Steve Anderson in the mold of THE ARISTOCRATS with appearances by Drew Carey and Billy Connolly. THINKFilm also announced the recent acquisition of the Sundance Film Festival documentary NANKING [www.youtube.com]. Also courting a post-fest pick up is the winner of the festival’s top honor BILLY THE KID [www.billythekiddocumentary.com], a thoughtful documentary about a real life Napoleon Dynamite.