The Future is Green: Find It Here!

Welcome to the TreeHugger blog on the brand-new Sundance Channel website, and thanks for reading! If you’re unfamiliar with TreeHugger, we’re dedicated to helping everyone pursue a modern, green lifestyle. What does that mean? We offer news, products, ideas and tips to help reduce your footprint on the planet without sacrificing good looks, quality design or your own personal style. Our goal is to bring sustainability to the mainstream by showcasing all the ways you can be hip, have fun, embrace design and look good while actively engaging in environmentally-friendly behavior. We’re bringing all of those ideas to our blog here.

So what does “being green” really mean? Lots of things, for sure, but, for our purposes, it can all basically boil down to four simple things: buying and using less stuff; buying and using stuff that’s less harmful to both the planet and its people; finding out and thinking about where all this stuff comes from; and learning to triage these results to create meaningful, lasting benefit in your own life. We’re confident that every person who reads this blog can find a way to connect to living a greener life, whether its through interior design, technology, consumer products, inspiring individuals or simple lifestyle tips, and we’ll help you do it. We won’t advocate that you go out and purchase all-new furnishings or a new wardrobe, but, when the time comes, we want you know some available options; we won’t tell you that the sky is falling, but we will show you how you can make a difference in some of the pressing issues facing our world; we’ll embrace relativism (a hybrid is green for a car, but not as green as riding your bicycle or taking the bus) while recognizing that we all live in the real world, and that everyone can’t do everything (and that’s okay). It’s going to be fun.

TreeHugger is a big believer that there isn’t anything you can’t do with a smaller footprint or lighter load on the planet, and we’ll do our best to find as many diverse examples of this idea as possible. For the most part, we’ll provide quick, easily digestible posts with lots of links for further reading and research. We’ll give details without getting too technical or relying on jargon, and contextualize with awards, certifications and ratings when they’re available. Without being judgmental, we’ll explain the green merits of the various concepts, ideas and products you’ll see, keeping in mind that “green” is evolving and that we’ll be operating on something of a sliding scale.

Above all, we’re really here to show how easy, enlightening, and, dare we say, fun it can be to embrace a greener lifestyle. There have never been more ways to do it, it’s never been this cool, and we’re excited to be able to be bringing it to every day. We’re excited about this stuff, and hope our enthusiasm will help entice you to visit us often, develop an appetite for being green, and learn a few things about how to be better at it. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more of the best in green!