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Sundance Channel/Filter Parties: Day 2

We pulled ourselves out of bed today after checking out a few shows last night and got to the venue early. Today was a sort of “Aussie Day”, with the bands Dappled Cities, Architecture in Helsinki and The Panda Band all hailing from Australia. The Little Ones from LA rocked us after recently returning from a hugely successful European tour and Ra Ra Riot from Syracuse got the crowd moving with their multi-instrumental dance-rock. They rocked so hard lead signer Wesley Miles even chipped a tooth on the mic – we’re not kidding! An extremely dapper Money Mark brought his groove to the stage around 4:30pm followed by low-fi singer/songwriter Aqualung (aka Matt Hales) closing down the days festivities. Another good day! Photos below and video interviews with the bands coming next week.

Matt Hales aka Aqualung

The Panda Band performs and Money Mark talks to Sundance Channel Online.